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How to Read the Voor / Football Handicap Market

Of the many sportsbook game menus available on the SBOBET bandar bola online terpercaya website, Voor / Handicap Ball is one of the most bets placed by bettors.

0.0 = for 0 bola (tidak ada yang for)
0-0.5 = for 1/4 bola
0.50 = for 1/2 bola
0.5-1 = for 3/4 bola
1.0 = for 1 bola
1-1.5 = for 1 1/4 bola
1.50 = for 1 1/2 bola
1.5-2 = for 1 3/4 bola

The team with the number 0 gives voor to the other team.

For example: Ajax vs Tottenham with Handicap 0 : 1/4

If the match ends with the score 1-0 for Ajax, then you who are holding Ajax are declared the winner.

If the match ends in a 1-1 draw, then the one who installs Ajax is declared to win 1/2. On the other hand, the one holding Tottenham lost 1/2.

If the match is won by Tottenham with a score of 1-2, then the one who installs Ajax is declared defeated and the one who installs Tottenham wins in full.

How to play online soccer betting for beginners gamblers

You can use the same SBOBET User ID to play in all online gambling games on the SBOBET website, namely Live Casino, Togel, Online Poker, Slot Games, Keno 5 Ball & Bola Tangkas .

How to register for soccer betting at SBOBET is also very easy and practical. You only need to have one of the local Indonesian bank account numbers bandar judi bola terpercaya such as BCA, Mandiri, BNI, BRI, Danamon & CIMB Niaga. In addition, also prepare an Email & Mobile Number that is still active to be given to SBOBET.

After that, you can register at SBOBET by accessing the official website at clicking the Registration Icon below:

How to play soccer gambling at SBOBETis very easy. First of all, you must first understand some of the terms that are in the Game Menu.

TIME (time) : the schedule for the match.
HANDICAP : Voor-vooran where the team with the number 0 gives voor.
OVER/UNDER : Over/Under betting, plays by the number of goals scored in the match.
MIX PARLAY : Multiple Bet Package with a minimum of 3 bets in 1 package.
If all the matches in the package you choose are won, usually the total win will be very large because all the odds inside will be multiplied.

On the other hand, if only 1 party in the Mix Parlay package loses, then the Mix Parlay package that you take will be considered a total loss.

ODD/EVEN : Number of Goals in a match (Odd/Even).
FULL TIME (FT): Markets valid within 2×45 minutes.
FIRST HALF (HT): A market that is valid only for 45 minutes of the first half.
1 × 2 Bet (Home = Win, Draw, Away = Win)
Here you only need to guess the final result of the match, whether it was won by the home team, ended in a draw or won by the away team.

In Correct Score Betting, you only need to guess the final score of the match. The odds that apply here are usually quite large considering the level of difficulty and the possibility of winning is small enough to guess the score accurately.

How to Play Online Soccer Gambling for Beginners

How to Play Online Soccer Gambling for Beginners – This time the admin will provide a Guide to Playing & Placing a Football Bet (Sportbook) with a judi bola indonesia complete and easy to understand tutorial for those of you who are still beginners in Indonesian online soccer gambling.

How to Play Online Soccer Gambling for Beginners
HOW TO PLAY BALL GAMBLING – Of the many online gambling games currently available, Football Betting (Sportbook) is one game that relies heavily on technical aspects other than luck.

You will not be able to play or even win in sportsbook games if you do not master how to play soccer betting correctly. In addition to betting technicalities, you must also have good insight or knowledge of the ball. Why is soccer insight also a very important factor?

Because the track records of the two teams that will compete will greatly affect the final score of the match. You need to check the latest performance of both teams, head to head records and much more. With a good understanding of the world of the round skin, you will have a greater chance of playing online soccer gambling.

And through this article, we will explain how to play soccer gambling, especially for those of you who are still beginners. Hopefully what we share in this article can help those of you who want to play online soccer gambling.

List of Trusted Online Soccer Gambling
To be able to play soccer gambling, you must first have a playing account at one of the Trusted Online Soccer Gambling Sites . And we have prepared the best site recommendations for you.

Join SBOBET, the Trusted and Best Online Soccer Gambling Agent Site in Indonesia today. By registering at SBOBET, you can not only play football betting (Sportbook).


Maybe there are still many online poker players who don’t understand how to register for trusted poker. Indeed, poker is one of the most popular gambling games because of its convenience. It’s not wrong if this game is very exciting. So that makes players feel happy especially if they get a big win.

When playing poker, you should be able to start the game by agen ibcbet online registering on the IDN poker online site . Because on this site will help you in registering a gambling account. When you don’t have a gambling account, you can be sure that you can’t play gambling smoothly.

Therefore, if you can create a gambling account first before you can lift this online poker game . For those of you who of course never had time to create an account, don’t worry. Because later the trusted online poker IDN site will provide an easy way to create a gambling account.


There are actually many ways for players to create a poker account. One of them is by depositing credit, you can already produce the account. This poker game has become one of the most popular types of gambling for gamblers to play.

There are many agents that you can use for this online poker gambling game . Each site has its own standards. If you choose a trusted site, it should provide services for its members. Not only get the service, but later you want to get the benefits.

Even with a large deposit you can have an advantage. You have to be more careful in choosing the online poker site that you want to use. There are indeed many ways you can do to choose this online IDN poker site . However, the right & easiest way is you can also ask for recommendations from friends around you. Instead, look for friends who have experience in playing this poker. You can also actually look for your own gambling site that suits your wishes.


And according to the criteria of the poker site you like. So only in that way, you can create an account properly and correctly. The online IDN poker site will provide many advantages for you and other players.


The poker list must be done beautifully and correctly but you should choose a superior site. So as not to fall into the wrong site. That way, you can more easily daftar sbobet bola get to the actual site. Furthermore, it will be easy for you to register on the site by direct access to trusted poker.

However, you can also choose the list menu on the website page. After that, you can find many fields that are required to be filled. Adjust the instructions yourself so as not to fill in the wrong. This something is very necessary, so that later you will not be rejected by the site to lift this game.

You can immediately get a confirmation at the registration if it has been accepted. Even though the account you have will be sent later so you can top up the balance and then you can immediately lift the bet. As long as you make online poker bets , at least you can choose the type of poker that you have mastered before.

This is something that is done, so that you don’t find it difficult and you don’t have to learn to gamble again. You have to make sure you can use your capital wisely. So that when the bet does not run out of capital. Should spend a small capital first to play gambling.


PKV games online is a 24 hour deposit online card game site directly playing bandarq, dominoqq & poker where each member must be able to register first or can directly ask PKV games . The PKV games site has been famous since 2 years later, meaning the most trusted online gambling site in Indonesia.

We hope that you are looking for a superior site regarding online judi online 24jam gambling sites with Indonesian PKV games . You can immediately join to appear on the site to fight 7 players who are quite waiting for you to compete. Look for the highest value of 9 (nine) to be able to win money at the online card gambling game table . Maybe you are curious about online gambling games with PKV games .


One of the trusted online 24 hour deposit PKV games sites that is well known in various information and we can find everywhere with advertising images. This site invites you to play together with other players with a minimum deposit of Rp. 10,000. If you win we will refund your money and send it directly to your estimate that day.

Minimum withdrawal of Rp. 25,000 is entertaining to be able to play and win with online gambling sites . What’s more, banks are diligent every night, many are all online & can play right away. Local bank Nusantara which is available 24 hours online service. If you can use a unique nominal transfer to make it easier to deposit PKV games every day. What do you need to know when playing on trusted PKV games sites ?


Tricks for playing online gambling are a secret weapon for PKV games to be able to win playing online gambling . This method can really help you to be able to win playing gambling at online poker agents . You can also use this trick to appear as a poker dealer, sakong, aduqq. To be able to play these games is quite easy and to cheat we can win playing gambling through PKV games . Try to see this trick several times so that you can really understand how it plays, don’t blame yourself if you haven’t tried to know the game .

If you still don’t understand the trick, you can come and ask the trusted online PKV games site CS . Players need to make sure that before they start their journey. It is fully aware of & understands the entire mechanics, rules and guidelines of the game. Every player needs to understand that only risking their money on a reliable site like this and of course choose the games according to their knowledge.

Justice & safety when playing online gambling . It’s hard to find a great site and at the same time the most secure site casino. However, a safe site is worth searching for and waiting for players. PKV games site is designed for people who like to play anytime & anywhere. It is secured with every data encrypted to that system to protect their websites and for the well being of players. There are many random number generators or selected and used in transactions in every online gambling game . People have their autonomy in choosing the games they like to play online .


In an ongoing match you can pay attention to the current trend in your betting options when you experience an increase or decrease in the odds and kei values ​​which are most likely to win.

For example, in the match between France and Romania, voor +1 Romania then оddѕ 2.01. Then after the match was on its way to 30 minutes, apparently taruhan bola sbobet there was a decrease in the HDP voor to +0.5/1 while the odds decreased on this occasion . If it’s time to see these results where you can place bets in Romania and it will usually be used to add additions or point to France who are currently experiencing scoring skills in past matches.

In a match at that time, the club that played well was Korea against Vietnam, then Iran against Thailand, where every Korean and Iranian club gave 0.5 voor to each opponent. The next one has a higher kei value , namely in the match they are both favorite clubs. Then in the O/U column, the total goals with an over value are more than 2.5 goals. A little lower than this match, which analyzes if the host is more productive.

If the appearance in the under column is worth 2.5 goals, then it will be applied to kei later . & that will be a favorable bet if the final result is in the valley of 3 goals. However, what should be kept in mind if the analysis in the match is not always made as a rule or fact when choosing a bet. In gambling matches, the trusted soccer gambling site depends on everything someone analyzes and also your own experience. Well, the strategy used is to use statistical analysis. That is to see again the match between Korea and Vietnam.

Of the mаѕіng-mаѕіng crew it certainly has ѕtаtіѕtіk total gоl ѕаmа tіnggі is dі аtаѕ three gоl. For that bіаѕаnуа there will be a shadow where later from each team will mеnсеtаk goal. So it will be very likely that when installing the tаruhаn in ovеr 2.5 уаng have a much greater winning chance in your analysis.

The strategy to win on a trusted soccer gambling site gambling game is how to do a review where it will usually be after the match you will have your own analysis and the strength of each crew, for that reason a review will be carried out for the next match. What will happen later is the more leading team that will provide the offensive and also the team that will try to defend a lot. And that will later analyze the results of reviews under 2.5 for the match to be autonomous.

The next strategy to win gambling on a trusted soccer gambling site is to be careful when taking an action. If later you understand about the winning guide and also how to place online soccer gambling , then you will be asked to be more careful when taking actions. To be more alert and also use the tер-ѕtер that you have learned. It’s not stupid to pick up a decision that can trigger you to even experience defeat.

Usually later you are asked to be more alert when placing bets on under goals in the last 20 minutes. That was before the game ended because that time made the situation change very quickly. Usually when it is total than keі will experience a gradual increase.

Online soccer gambling game and what video games

On this interesting occasion, we will simply provide a tutorial or tutorial for playing online soccer betting titles on the internet specifically for some beginner gamblers, before entering into the discussion we will first explain what kind of online soccer gambling game and what video games are in it. .

The online football betting product is actually almost similar to other gambling games, the meaning used in this dish is approximate, intimate as well as the judi bola sbobet toggle betting game that requires anticipation in the form of several numbers, in the regular online football gambling products many markets initially thought not you understand.

Some of the highest markets are favored by novice gamblers, for example, cheap handicaps, then strange even markets and over-under dime. These 3 markets are quite popular for beginner gamblers. So, a close friend of online globe gambling, before you join to play gambling at an online soccer gambling agent. There are many meaningful things you need to know first. If you don’t know how to register as an online soccer gambling member, please read first the simple steps to become a member of an online soccer gambling agent on the internet.

a. The first mechanism, please go through you looking for the best and most trusted online soccer gambling distributor site
b. Enter the table menu and fill out the registration form completely, it is necessary and important for the prediction number, owner’s name and standard bank nickname to be filled according to what you have.
c. Next do the first deposit according to the number of first deposit numbers that were inaugurated
d. Do the verification if you have deposited
e. Continue to play online gambling agents and other products on the site.
Now, the steps above are steps to make an inventory of becoming a member of an online soccer betting agent on the internet, then what kind of tutorial is there to play soccer betting online on the internet? Read the following explanation.

Understand and choose the type of dime that suits you
Your first step is to choose the type of market / soccer gambling game that suits you, there are several types of dishes that are in soccer gambling. But there are some that can actually provide a winning scheme. Choose which one is easiest to start with, we recommend playing handicap ball betting if it is not an unusual event (a little even).

Master the analysis of football matches
If you understand enough to be good at match analysis, then increase your bet, provided you are serious enough about your potential in analyzing problems. This analysis is important for steps to predict results that are really accurate. Use several sources such as news and so on to balance your estimates.

Be careful in choosing the league
Next, the final thing is to be observant in choosing the big leagues that are currently competing, sometimes beginner gamblers have difficulty which union is enough to release the winning power, our opinion is to try to play in several big leagues such as the Spanish, English and so on.

So, those are some short tutorials that we can share in your opinion for a novice gambling player, please pay attention to the articles on this website to gain more knowledge about online soccer gambling games on the internet. Thank You/

How to Register a 10K Deposit Online Gambling Site

How to register for online gambling? The guide on how to register an account on an online gambling site is now very easy and fast. Now almost every online bookie provides sportsbook games, live casinos, online slots, online poker, lotteries, fish ace, and cockfighting. With just 1 USER ID you can play all games in SBOBET. The deposit and withdrawal process only takes 1-2 minutes.

For those of you who are new to the world of online gambling, judi bola online must be careful in choosing a genuine online gambling site. Remember, online gambling games use real money in the deposit and withdrawal process. This is because there are many fake online gambling sites circulating in other words “Your victory in the game is not paid”.

Of course, when you start playing online gambling, you must first register to get a USER ID to play games on the site. We will recommend you a trusted online gambling site with the biggest bonuses.

How to Register for a Trusted Online Gambling Site SBOBET
You can search on the SBOBET bookie website on google.

Fill in complete valid personal data such as the image we have shown.
Fill in the account type, account name and account number correctly.
Contact customer support via livechat to inquire about an active bookie account.
If you have transferred funds, you can make a deposit form and claim attractive bonuses on trusted online gambling sites.
SBOBET is one of the most trusted online gambling sites in Asia. Of course at this time the best is online gambling, because this website has received many positive comments from loyal members. This site also provides attractive bonuses if you join:

Bonus New Member 100%
Bonus cashback 100%
Bonus Next Deposit 10%
Weekly roll bonus
Lifetime referral bonus
This bonus is only valid for SBOBET members, want to try other interesting bonuses? Come on, register your user id now at .

That’s the explanation that we can give to all of you, hopefully it can help make it easier for you to register for trusted online gambling and finally the long-awaited moment has arrived!! You can already play all the games on SBOBET.

Determining a Trusted and Quality Online Gambling Site

The main way to determine a trusted online gambling site is to always pay attention to the performance of the poker site you will choose, so we are sure that we will be able to make you think twice when you want to join an online bookie. Is not that true? sbobet bola Therefore, the method at this point becomes something important to be prioritized and considered with certainty. Don’t regret not considering the performance of your chosen site.

By knowing how the history of the experience of trusted online gambling sites is, you can indirectly see the bookie’s performance, meaning that if you want a trusted site, the step you need to take is to see how the agent is performing. .

Find Out Active Members
The next step or effort to find the best and most trusted online gambling site is to see how many active members there are, this is very important, because by paying attention to the number of active members it will be known how many of your fans are. have. given their trust.

In this review, we not only provide how to determine a trusted online gambling site, but also give a little about how to become the best online gambling player on a trusted gambling site. Curious how? Read carefully the following reviews!

How to Become a Trusted Player on a Trusted Online Gambling Site
In the world of gambling, alternatives have been born that can help people find additional income, so that they can reduce unemployment in Indonesia. Because the profits generated from trusted online gambling sites are quite large and how to get them is also relatively easy, so you can get profit results in a short time.

This of course raises high interest in online card gambling, but it is accompanied by the right online gambling information. Not only that, the cause of the increase was also driven by the influence of the internet and social media.

Being the best online gambling player is not just playing many trusted online gambling sites, but you have to get big profits from the city itself so that people get a stable income.

The presence of a Trusted Online Gambling Site can be said to have succeeded in helping players get better, until now there are still many people in Indonesia who are just getting into the world of online gambling to realize their dream of earning additional income. Therefore, please choose the best and most trusted bookies, so that later you will have no trouble getting real money profits.

So many reviews from us, hopefully this article can help provide useful information for all of you. Especially internet gambling lovers who are currently struggling to get abundant profits.