How to Solve Blocking and Login Problems on the SBOBET Site

How to Solve Blocking and Login Problems on the SBOBET Site

The short story of online gambling today is indeed an interesting material to be discussed. Where this online gambling game has more advantages than playing directly or offline . In fact, there are many choices of platforms that offer more gambling games and of course with more diverse betting options. Sbobet is one of the largest gambling platforms in Asia, offering many types of sports betting , casino, and so on.

But on this occasion we will help those of you who are new to playing or have already played but have difficulty logging into sbobet88. Lately the government is working with internet providers to block gambling sites. There are some links that cannot be accessed because they are blocked but some can. On this occasion we try to help you to solve problems that often occur when accessing and logging in using a smartphone in the Sbobet game.

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Access blocked SBOBET sites
Using a VPN
If you cannot access / open the SBOBET site because it is blocked by your internet provider, then one way is to use a VPN available on the Playstore for Android or the App Store on IOS. You can download a VPN for free, there are even many good VPN types by providing many countries to replace IP addresses later.

If you are looking for a free VPN, try to find an application that has 4 – 5 stars for the VPN rate and there are many reviews from other users. Don’t just look at a free VPN, just play, install and use it because it will be very dangerous. Your personal data, such as usernames and passwords, will be stolen and then sold to irresponsible third parties.

It will be better if you buy or subscribe to a VPN application compared to a free VPN. Usually the paid applications have the responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of the data from their users, and the most important thing is that the paid applications are clear, official and have an office so that they will not commit stupid or fraudulent actions by selling your personal data.

After you do the installation, open the VPN application. If it is active, it usually appears on your mobile home screen that you are connected to a VPN. Try to check which country IP you got. How to check here . Then the IP and country will appear. If it’s still the same as your internet provider’s IP, it means you haven’t connected to the VPN.