Original Application for playing soccer gambling

Original Application for playing soccer gambling

Especially for Android smart phone users, you can be pampered by using a free application that was deliberately created by SBOBET. The application is called Asla. Guaranteed not to be blocked again.

How to get it is very easy, you just scan the image beside this.

Or you can also download via this link .

Original Apps will not be found on Playstore. So this is only for SBOBET players who know.

Solution for login problems at SBOBET
Incorrect username and password
For this to be very easy, make sure well that you enter the name and password sbobet338 on the official SBOBET homepage correctly. It is also possible that the site you are visiting is a fake SBOBET site. If it is a fake site, it will always display a statement that you have entered the wrong username and password.

If you are sure, it feels right that the site is officially owned by SBOBET then has tried up to 3x errors, then your game id will automatically be locked / locked. But don’t worry, you can claim it again by contacting the SBOBET gambling agent where you play to help you reset and restore your Game ID.

In general, the gambling agent will ask for the data you used when registering on their site. Of course that’s not a problem right? You can remember well the requested data because these data are your personal data. If the data you provide to an agent is incorrect or incorrect, usually the agent will not help you any further. It’s a good idea to register with the agent, you record or capture the data you use. Please use the live chat facility or you can also use the Whatsapp application to talk to the customer service where you registered.

You cannot ask for help from SBOBET customer service directly, if you ask for their help to reset your password, then they will ask you to find and contact the online casino where you registered to reset your password.