Types of bets in online cricket gambling

Types of bets in online cricket gambling

What are the types of online cricket betting bets? Well, the following admin will provide the types of bets that exist in online cricket gambling briefly and clearly.

Money Line
In money line betting, we choose which team will win in the match without a voor but at predetermined odds.

In this type of bet, we only choose 1 which is for the home team that wins, https://chicsympa.com/  which means both teams are tied, and 2 is the away team that wins the match.

In this handicap bet, it is the same as handicap betting for online soccer gambling or other sports betting. In this bet, it is actually the same as the money line, but the difference is that in the handicap there are voors and also predetermined odds.

O/U (Over Under)
Well, O/U is the same as O/U online soccer gambling or something else. Where we bet for the total over or under score according to the score determined by the online cricket bookie. Where over means that we bet for a score that is more than a predetermined score or under for a score less than a predetermined score.

In this bet if the bet is not completed then all bets are considered void.

Top Batsman/Bowler
We guess who will be the Top Batsman/Bowler in the match. Dead-Heat applies if there is no winner in the match.

Most Sixes
Most sixes we guess the team that made the most sixes during the game. Bets will be considered valid once the official result is announced. If there is no result then bets are considered void.

Next Man Out
In this bet we guess which team will stop the opponent in the match first.

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