Various Types of Favorite Online Slots

Slot machines are one of the most common game machines we find in casinos with different reels containing separate numbers or images. By inserting coins or money and pressing the button or you can also pull the handle on the side of the slot machine so the reels can spin and stop. The player who receives the combination of numbers or images set by the machine can win the promised prize.

Various Types of Favorite Online Slots

Slot machines have different nicknames in different countries. In the United States, these machines are called slot machines or slots. Canadians call this game The Slot. Great Britons, with the exception of Scotland, say Fruit Machine, while Scots say Puggy. So people from Australia and New Zealand say Poker Machines or in slang it is called Pokies.

Kinds of gambling with online slots
With the growth of technology in this world, including PC technology and the internet, it is clear that it is very useful for the gaming industry in the world. slot online games that were previously limited by production costs have now found their way out. Now game developers can easily create various slot games with attractive new objects and screens. Don’t forget the enticing games and bonuses of course. Of course, many gambling site owners don’t forget to prepare this legendary game with a variety of games. So what kinds of games can we find from online gambling sites? Here’s the talk.

Slots with 3 reels
This game continues to exist on all gambling sites that offer online gambling games. Most of the types sold are the most legendary classic games in the casino. Just say the game name Lucky 7s. Due to the limited number of available reels, this type of game only offers one to three paylines. In a small number of paylines, it is definitely a little capital to play. The premium sold is relatively low. This problem is clearly due to the lack of capital issued by many players.

Slots with 5 reels
In the era of online slot games, 5 reel slot machines became more and more popular. Because the more reels in a slot game, the more difficult it is to win. When the number of roles increases, so does the capital to play. But the additional capital is certainly directly proportional to the results achieved if you succeed in winning at this online slot machine. These types of 5 reel slot machines usually offer ten to fifty paylines, although there are many games that offer more than fifty paylines. Adding a payline can certainly increase the price of the bet as well.

Slots with 6 reels
You can’t get much info from this kind of game. Because it is rarely prepared, until someone does. This kind of 6 reel slot machine has a different kind that is definitely based on the slot machine games that are in the casino.

Slots with 7 reels
This type of 7 reel slot is new and quite complex to play. Increasing the number of reels to seven will clearly affect the number of paylines being traded. The number of paylines sold by this type of 7 reel slot machine is more than fifty paylines. This problem certainly means that the premiums sold are higher and certainly attractive. However, this problem was triggered by the availability of an additional amount of capital that players need to spend. Maybe that’s why this type of 7-reel slot is not that popular fast. Because it can be determined that players can spend a hefty fee to play.

Progressive Slots
This type of game usually increases the number of prizes that you cannot win in the initial stages. The prizes will continue to increase until in the end there are players who successfully win the prizes promised by that type of game. After the prize is won, the value of the prize can return to the original value that was decided.

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In fact, for casinos or public places that offer slot machines, these games can again be distinguished by denomination. The direction of the denomination is the betting unit used by the slot machine. There are slot machines that use tokens to be the lowest currency. Then there are those who use nickel or nickel whose value is equal to 5 pence. Then there are quarters that cost 25 cents or 5 cents. And of course there are those who use dollar denominations